Radio,Television And Electronic Paper 2, May/June 2015

Question 5

  1. Arrange the listed tools under the following headings:
  2. (i)Hand tools; (ii)Measuring instruments; (iii)Fault tracing equipment.

    A – Logic probe                                                      F – Screw driver
    B – TV analyzer                                                      G – Ohmmeter
    C - Signal tracer                                                      H – Voltmeter
    D – Soldering gun                                                   I – Soldering flux
    E – Slide cutters                                                      J – Multimeter

  3. State the function of each of the following controls in a Cathode Ray Oscilloscope:
  4. (i)intensity control; (ii)trigger level control.


  The expected answers were:




Electronic handtools

Electronic measuring Instrument

Fault finding equipment

D- Soldering gun

G- Ohmmeter

A-Logic probe

E- Side cutters

H- Voltmeter

B- TV analyzer

F- Screw drivers

J- Multimeter

C- Signal tracer

I – Soldering flux



(b) (i)    Intensity control: - used to vary the beam and hence adjust the brightness of the trace.                     
- used to control the luminance intensity of the trace.                       
(ii)   Trigger level control: used to set the point on the signal waveform at which the time-
basegenerator is triggered and starts its sweep to display waveform.   

The question was on Workshop practice and maintenance. It was well answered by candidates.