Radio,Television And Electronic Paper 2, May/June 2015

Question 6

  1. State four Business Management skills required to succeed as an entrepreneur in Radio, Television and Electronic Works.
  2. List:
  3. (i)three methods of keeping business records; (ii)foursources of capital for financing a Radio, Television and Electronic Works.


The expected answers were:

  • Business Management Skills Required to Succeed as an Entrepreneur in RTV and

Electronic Works

  • Accounting practice
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Purchasing method skills
  • Business records keeping
  • Telephone courtesy
  • Daily/regular appearance at work
  • Good customer relationship
  • Neat/good appearance
  • Punctuality at work

      (b)(i) Methods of keeping business records

- Accounting ledger
- repair order form
- Inventory sheet   
- purchase order form                  

(ii) Sources of Capital for financing RTV and Electronic Works

  • Commercial/Merchant/Lending Banks (loan)
  • Co-operative and Credit unions (loan, credit)
  • Personal savings
  • Friends and Relatives (loan, gift, inheritance)
  • Finance companies (loan)
  • Grants from Government/Agencies/Organizations
  • Insurance companies (loan)
  • Sale of assets  (income)

The question was on Entrepreneur in Radio, Television and Electronic Works. It was well answered by candidates.