Salesmanship Paper 1, May/June 2014  
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Question 3

          (a)      Distinguish between a family brand and a private brand.
          (b)     Explain three reasons for the development of a private brand.
(c)      State three uses of importance of packaging.



          (a)      Only few candidates could distinguish between a family brand and private brand.  

          The following is a distinction between the two concepts:
          A family brand is a situation in which a parent brand is associated with multiple produces through brand extension e.g. Unilever and PZ products, whereas/while private brands are brands created by middlemen. 
            Examples are Mr. Biggs,Tantalizer, Ayoola Foods, etc.
          (b)     Candidates could not answer this question.  They are those who did performed poorly in the question.

          The following are some of the reasons for the development of a private brand.

          (i)      The need to limit the control exercised by manufacturers of strongly branded products.
          (ii)      The need to create a company or store identify ad enhance customer loyalty.
          (iii)     The need to introduce greater price variations.
          (iv)     The need to protect the company’s profit margins.

          (c)      Candidates did well in this questions as their performance was well above average.


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