Tourism Paper 2 May/June 2015

Question 2

  1. List four forms of tourism.
  2. Describe four roles of transportation in tourism.
  3. Outline the four characteristics of tourist products.


This question was also very popular and the candidates got it right. They performed very well in part A and B while the C part proved to be difficult for them.  Some of the candidates  who  brilliantly answered the question provided the following responses and scored good marks:   Eco-tourism, Cultural tourism, etc.

 (b)       (i)   It provides the means of travelling from origin to destination;
(ii)  Provides means of travelling around the tourist area;
(iii) Transport can be a main feature of a tourist trip when the form of transport
itself is one of the main reasons for taking the trip e.g. rope ways, cable etc.


(c)          (i)    Intangibility: Tourist products cannot be seen, inspected or handled before  purchase
(e.g. a seat in an airplane);
(ii)   Immovability: Tourist products are permanently located and cannot be moved to where
the consumer is (e.g. tourist must travelled to the site in  order to consume the product).