Tourism Paper 2 May/June 2015

Question 4

  1. Write explanatory notes on:
    (a)        attractions;
    (b)        accessibility;
    (c)        amenities.


 This question was very straight forward but some of the candidates who attempted it did not perform well. They failed to explain each of the concepts as was demanded by the question. A few ones that performed fairly were unable to provide comprehensive explanation on them; they only gave skimpy answer to the question. Candidates were expected to provide the following responses in order to get good marks:

(a)     Attraction
(i)   Attractions are the types and varieties of activities tourists choose to participate in
(ii)  One of the components of tourism;
(iii) Tourist attractions are mostly permanent.

(b)    Accessibility
(i)         This is the degree by which a product, service and environment is accessible by people;
(ii)        Accessibility is also a component of tourism and plays an important  role in tourism attraction;

  1. Accessibility is the ease with which a visitor or tourist sites or service    can be reached or used.

(c)    Amenities.

  1.    Amenities include all forms of infrastructure/facilities provided at the   tourist destination.
  2.     It is a component of tourism.

(iii)    It includes accommodation such as motels, inns, guest houses, hotels etc.