Tourism Paper 2 May/June 2015

Question 3

  1. (a)        State five infrastructure that could be provided for host communities by tourism industry.
    (b)        Differentiate between domestic and international tourism.


 This question was fairly popular to candidates and those who attempted it scored good marks
 with the exception of the few ones who failed to respond positively to part B of the question.
 In part A, candidates were expected to mention five infrastructural facilities that host communities of tourist attraction could benefit from the industry, while the B part demanded the candidates to explain the differences between domestic and international tourism. In order to score good marks, the following points were expected from the candidates: (a) Construction of roads, Construction of bridges, provision of market centers etc.                                                            
(i)       Domestic tourism involves residents visiting areas within their country                                             whereas international tourism involves residents of a country visiting another country;
(ii)       Domestic tourism does not involve the processing of international passport
whereas international tourism involves the processing of international passport.