Visual Art Paper 1, Nov/Dec. 2010  
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General Comments
Question 2
  1. What is drawing?
  2. Apart from pencil and charcoal, list four other drawing materials.
  3. Outline the differences between Collage and Mosaic.


A good number of candidates attempted this question, but while some performed creditably, others were unable to give the required responses, thereby loosing obtainable marks.
The following are some of the responses expected from candidates:
a. Drawing
It is a process of visualization by which an artist, using media like pencil, watercolour, etc. delineates shapes and forms on a surface e.g. paper or canvas.
It is the delineation of a form upon a surface by means of lines and shading.
It is an impression with a mark-making object on a surface or ground.
It is made whenever a mark is made with continous traceable path, regardless of whether such impression so created is recognizable or not.
It may be a combination of shapes, which may be partially or wholly enclosed by a line or boundary.
It is a representation of an idea or object on a surface.
b. List of drawing materials Cexluding pencil and charcoal)
Pen and Ink
Ballpoint pen
Water-colour and brush
Oil colour
Patel (oil/chalk)
Poster colour
c. Collage
Picture making with assorted materials.
Materials used are usually not definitely shaped.
Media as varied as hair, wood, paper, leather, stones etc. can be used
together in one work.
Materials used are less permanent.
It is usually executed on a portable support .

Picture composition with one medium in a variety of colours.
Shapes like triangle, squares, circle etc. are often used.
It is one medium based composition of definite shaped materials like beads,
tiles, glass or stone (tesserae), paper etc.
More permanent materials are used.
It is usually executed on walls or floors.

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