Visual Art Paper 1, Nov/Dec. 2010  
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Question 4

Write three similarities and three differences between the Nok and Ife traditional sculptures.



Most of the candidates attempted this question, and some actually demonstrated a sound knowledge of these art traditions, but some responded poorly by telling stories on them and only offered partial differentiation.
Candidates were actually expected to respond to the question thus:
they both have perforations in specific areas of the faces.
they were both executed in nearly life sized.
they both adhered to' African proportion.
similar techniques were used in building forms.
they both made sculptures in terra-cotta.
both are ancient art traditions in Nigeria.
the human figures of both Ife and Nok are decorated with beads.
Nok art is stylized or semi-naturalistic while Ife art is realistic.
Ife heads are more idealized in its composition while the Nok heads arc more stylized.
Nok heads were made only in terra-cotta while Ife has both terra-cotta and bronze heads.
Nok sculptures are older than Ife sculptures.
Ife sculpture was court art while the Nok sculptures were mainly secular.
in Ife art, holes are found around the forehead and mouth while in Nok sculprures, they are used to represent mouth, eyes and ears.
in Ife figures, heads carried crest or cap, while the Nok figures carried elaborate hair-do.
there are scarifications on the faces of Ife figures and Nok heads do not have such facial scarifications.

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