Visual Art Paper 1, Nov/Dec. 2012  
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General Comments
Question 2

Describe the process of making a print on fabric in two colours, using a paper cut stencil.



This question was also popular among the candidates but their performance was also poor. The following are the responses that candidates failed to highlight:
Stage 1.           Designing:       make a design for a two colour print on paper.

Stage 2.           Stencil preparation:

-           separate the colours;
-           make separated stencil for each colour.

Stage 3.           Printing

-           prepare the printing table;
-           spread fabric on printing table and indicate registration marks;
-           place stencil on fabric in alignment with registration marks;
-           dab ink or printing paste; beginning with the lighter colour using any suitable material e.g. foam, cloth, dabbling brush, etc.
-           allow the print to dry.
-           dab ink or printing paste of the second colour.
-           allow the print to dry.
-           iron the fabric.


-           prepare the printing table.
-           spread fabric on the printing table and indicate the registration marks.
-           attach stencil unto a prepared screen and place it over the fabric.
-           pour printing ink and drag squeegee to force ink or paste to register the design on fabric.
-           allow the print to dry.
-           repeat the above process for the second darker colour
-           allow the print to dry.
-           iron the fabric.

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