Visual Art Paper 1 ,May/June 2012  
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  1. Write notes on Mossi masks under the following:
    (a)        origin;
    (b)        characteristics.



In apparent confirmation of inadequate knowledge of Non-Nigerian arts forms and traditions, this question was avoided by majority of the candidates. The few candidates that attempted it deliberately diverted from the required points. While some wrote on functions, others wrote on Egyptian art. These deviations made these few candidates to lose the available marks. The candidates should have responded to the question in the following manner:
(a)        -           Mossi masks originated from Burkina-Faso (Upper Volta) and
the Southeast of Dogon in Mali.

 (b)       -           they are blade-shaped.
-           they are made in wood.
                        -           they are very decorative.
                        -           they consist of slightly anthropomorphic and stylized head.
                        -           the eyes have oval faces, without mouth or chin.
                        -           the nose is represented by a ridge running down the center
                                    of the front.
                        -           the eyes are represented by a triangular or circular holes.
                        -           they are decorated with carved and polychrome patterns.
-           the masks bear a frontal pair of antelope horns, which determines the sex of the mask: they are curved when they are females and straight if they are male.
-           the masks are about 2 metres high.
-           they are in variant styles ranging from simple  to complicated abstracts.


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