Woodwork Paper 3, Nov/Dec. 2010  
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Question 1

  1. Name the most appropriate woodworking machine on which each of the following operations is performed:
  2. ripping;
  3. turning a flower vase;
  4. cutting a rebate;
  5. cutting a curve.
  1. State the function of each of the following portable power tools:
  2. router;
  3. jig saw.
  1. Name two tools belonging to each of the following classes of tools:
  2. holding and supporting tools;
  3. cutting tools;
  4. geometrical tools.
  1. Name two safety devices used on each of the following machines:
  2. circular saw;
  3. surface planer.

Most candidates were able to name the :

  • most appropriate woodworking machines on which each of  the given operation is performed;
  • tools belonging to the given classes of tools.

However, they failed to state the:

  • function of router and jig saw;
  • safety devices used on circular saw and surface planer.

The expected response to question 1 is as given below:

1(a)      Name of woodworking machines

  • circular saw bench;
  • wood turning lathe;
  • spindle moulder, surface, circular saw;
  • bandsaw, jig saw.

  (b)      Function of Portable Power tools
            (i)         Router – for cleaning shapes, cutting mouldings;
            (ii)        Jig saw – for cutting curves in thin stock.

              (c)      Name of tools
                        (i)         woodwork bench, vice, cramps, bench hook, bench stop, mitre box;
                        (ii)        chisels, saws, planes, gouges, scrapers
(iii)       rule, try square, marking knife, pencil, pair of compasses, calipers

  • mallet, hammer, screw driver, nail punch, brace

 (d)      Safety Devices
            (i)         circular saw: push stick, crown guard, riving knife, fence, mitre gauge
            (ii)        surface planer: push block, bridge guard, fence, back guard.


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