Hausa Paper 2, May/June 2012  
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General Comments
Question 3

  1. Me ka fahimta da kafaffun mafurta?
  2. Kawo misalan hankawa guda shida.

(a)       Define Passive Articulator
(b)       Mention six (6) examples of Alveolar.



The is also a question on phonology and it requires the candidates to give definition of Passive Articulator and to give six (6) examples of Alveolar sounds.
a.         Kafaffun mafurta su ne gabobin furuci wadanda ba su motsawa yayin furuci, suna nan wuri guda sai dai takwarorinsu masu motsi su iske su.

b.         Misalan hankawa
 /t/. /d/, /n/, /s/, /z/, /l/. /r/, /ts/.

Candidates performance on this question was poor.


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