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Agricultural Science Paper 2, Nov/Dec 2009  
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General Comments

Candidates' Strength

Majority of the candidates showed an appreciable improvement in their ability to:

  • Explain the term agricultural development
  • List non-agricultural uses of land
  • State ways in which science and technology have contributed to agricultural development through farm structures and animal nutrition
  • Give functions of survey equipment (i.e measuring tape, theodolite and ranging pole)
  • Define a farmstead
  • State objectives of non-governmental organizations involved in agricultural development (i.e. International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) and West Africa Rice Development Agency (WARDA)
  • Give function of parts of the seed drill (i.e seed box, roller, coupling point, seed tube and furrow opener)
  • Explain types of soil water (i.e gravitational, capillary and hygroscopic water);
  • Give functions of nitrogen in crops
  • List symptoms of nitrogen deficiency in crops
  • Define inorganic fertilizer
  • List methods of fertilizer application
  • State ways in which the carbon cycle is important in agriculture
  • Name the causal organism of blackpod disease of cocoa
  • State symptoms of blackpod disease of cocoa
  • State mode of transmission of blackpod disease of cocoa
  • List features of weed seeds dispersed by animal, wind and water
  • Name the viral disease of cassava
  • State the mode of transmission of the viral disease of cassava
  • State methods of controlling the viral disease of cassava
  • Mention benefits a farmer can derive from using cowpea as an intercrop
  • State signs of maturity in maize
  • Explain terms used in animal nutrition (i.e balanced ration, supplementary feed, malnutrition and feed stuffs)
  • State routine maintenance practices carried out on a fish ponds
  • State functions of water in farm animals
  • State objectives of animal improvement programmes in West Africa
  • Define a profit  and loss account
  • Explain terms used in agricultural enterprise (i.e. asset, networth, revenue and liability)
  • Define labour in agricultural production
  • Distinction between farm record and farm account
  • Inventory record and production record
  • Explain agricultural extension teaching methods such as group discussion, office calls and use of projected materials
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