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Agricultural Science Paper 2, Nov/Dec 2009  
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General Comments

Candidates' Weakness

Most of the candidates were unable to:

  • State ways in which farmstead planning is important
  • List types of soil structure
  • Give  ways in which soil structure is important in crop production
  • Describe an experiment to show the presence of living micro-organisms in a sample of fresh garden soil, under the following headings: apparatus and materials, procedure, observation and conclusion
  • Define seed viability
  • State characteristics of good quality seeds
  • Explain the term cultural practice as used in crop production
  • List cultural practices that are carried out during crop production
  • List characteristics of the white leghorn breed of fowls
  • Explain the term fodder as used in animal nutrition
  • Calculate stocking rate of Tilapia spp and catfish fingerlings in a pond
  • Distinguish between result demonstration and method demonstration in agricultural extension

In view of the weaknesses noted above, the chief examiners advised that

  •   the teaching and learning of agriculture should be made more practical oriented with  adequate exposure of candidates to modern ways of farming;
  • Agricultural Science graduates should be made to teach the subject for an in-depth understanding by the students.
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