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Agricultural Science Paper 2, Nov/Dec 2009  
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General Comments

Question 2

  1.   (i)   What is a farmstead?                   [ 2 marks]

(ii)   State three ways in which farmstead planning is important.             [ 3 marks]

  1.    State three objectives of each of the following non-governmental organizations

   involved in agricultural development:                                                          

  1. International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA);
  2. West Africa Rice Development Agency (WARDA).                        [6 marks]
  1.    Give one function of each of the following parts of the seed drill:
  2. seed box;
  3. roller;
  4. coupling point;
  5. seed tube;
  6. furrow opener.                  [ 5 marks]

Few candidates attempted this question.  In 2a(i), many candidates were able to define a  farmstead.  However, in 2 a(ii), most candidates were unable to state ways in which farmstead  planning is important.
  In 2 (b) and (c), many candidates could state the objectives of non- governmental organization involved in agricultural development such as the  International Institute of Tropical Agriculture  (IITA) and West Africa Rice Development Agency (WARDA)  Further to this, in 2 (c), many candidates were able to give the functions of the parts of seed drill.
The expected answers include:
Ways in which Farmstead Planning is important
-   Land is put into optimal use
-   It promotes neatness and prevents pollution within the farmstead
-   It ensures that the orientation and location of buildings is such that will enhance production.

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