Agricultural Science Paper 2, May/June 2010  
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General Comments

Question 2

(a) Explain briefly how the following affect agricultural production:
(i) agricultural education and extension;
(ii) environmental degradation.[ 8 marks]
(b) Enumerate three problems associated with communal land tenure system. [3 marks]
(c)List four components of an incubator. [2 marks]
(d) Mention one storage structure for each of the following farm produce:
(i) yam tubers;
(ii) cowpea seeds;
(iii) fresh fish. [ 3 marks]

Few candidates attempted this question. In question 2(a) (i & ii), many candidates could not explain how agricultural education and extension, and environmental degradation affect agricultural production. However, in question 2(b), most candidates were able to enumerate the problems associated with communal land tenure system. In question 2(c), majority of the candidates could list the components of an incubator. In addition to this, majority of the candidates were able to mention the storage structure for farm produce (i.e. yam tubers; cowpea seeds and fresh fish) as requested in question 2(d)(i - iii).
The expected answers include:
How agricultural production is affected by

Agricultural education and extension
Improved/better farm management decision making
Improve procurement of farm inputs
Access to marketing information and strategy
Keeping of accurate farm records
Acquisition of loans and their utilization
Improve the farmers social disposition
Help the fanners to understand and adopt modem farming techniques for improved productivity
Agricultural education motivates the youths to take up farming as a profession
Relay farmers' problems to the government ministries, research institutes and universities
Carry information from government ministries, universities and research institutes to fanners.

Environmental degradation:
Desert encroachment exposes the soil to erosion
Erosion renders the soil unproductive and unsuitable for agriculture
Oil spillage pollutes the fishing and drinking water and kills all the aquatic life thus reducing the profit of the fishermen
Drinking water for the farm family and their animals is polluted; thus exposing them to health risks
Air pollution by toxic fumes from industrial gases reduces the quality of air available to the
farm family and their animals•
Aid rains from air pollution cause soil acidity and destruction of crops
Deforestation exposes the soil to erosion agents
Overgrazing causes erosion and hard pans
Bush burning damages the physical structure of the soil and reduces soil fertility
Air pollution reduces photosynthesis and thus reduces yield
Plant population for livestock consumption is not much


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