Agricultural Science Paper 2, May/June 2010  
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General Comments

Question 7

(a) Define each of the following terms as used in animal health:
(i) pests;
(ii) pathogens;
(iii) vectors;
(iv) parasites.[ 8 marks]

(b) Give one example of an organism described by each of the terms in
7(a) above. [4 marks]

( c) State four steps involved in silage making. [4 marks]



This question was fairly attempted by the candidates. In question 7 (a)(i - iii), most candidates
were able to define terms used in animal health (i.e. pests, pathogens, vectors and parasites).
Also, in question 7(b), many candidates could give an example of pests, pathogens, vectors and
parasites. However, majority of the candidates were unable to state the steps involved in silage
making as requested in question 7(c).

The expected answers include:

Steps involved in silage making:

Dig the silage pit
Cut the fresh grass/forage before flowering
Wilt for few hours/day
Collect the wilted forage and lay it at the bottom of the pit to a reasonable level
Add ash/urea sprinkled on it
Compress and add another layer of wilted forage, compress and add further ash/urea-fertilizer
- Add more wilted forage, ash/urea and compress until pit is filled
Finally compress and then cover with tarpaulin or plastic polythene sheet
Leave to ferment with minimum of 2 - 4 weeks

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