Agriculture Paper 3, WASSCE (SC), 2016

Question 2

              Study specimens A, B and C carefully and answer the following questions.

    1.     Describe specimen A.                                                                  [ 3 marks ]

             (b)     State two uses each of specimensA, BandC.                          [ 6 marks ]                                                                

             (c)     State two ways of maintaining each of specimensA, BandC.  [ 6 marks ]




This question was well attempted by the candidates. In 2(a-), most of the candidates were able to describe specimen A (Ranging pole) and state the uses of specimensA(Ranging pole), B(Survey pin) and C (Measuring tape). Also, majority of the candidates were able to state the ways of maintaining specimens A (Ranging pole), B (Survey pin) and C (Measuring tape) as required in 2(c).