Agriculture Paper 3, WASSCE (PC), 2017

Question 4


    The diagrams below show methods of compost making. Study them and answer the questions that follow.

    (a) Identify the parasites labelled I and II. (2 marks)

    (b) State four effects of the parasite labelled I on the host. (4 Marks)

    (c) Name two farm animals that could serve as hosts to the parasite labelled I. (2 Marks)

    (e) State four ways of controlling the parasite labelled II. (4 Marks)


This question was moderately attempted by the candidates. Most of the candidates correctly identified the parasites labelled I (Liver fluke) and II (Tick) and could state ways of controlling them as well as name the farm animals that serve as host to the parasite labelled I. However, candidates could neither state the effects of the parasite labelled I on its host nor mention the diseases transmitted by the parasite labelled II.

The expected answers include:

4. (b)

Effects of the parasites labelled I on the host

- Causes a chronic inflammation of the liver and bile duct

- May cause digestive problems

- Causes loss of weight/emaciation

- Causes stunted growth/reduction in growth rate of young animals

- Reduces livestock production

- Causes a disease called fascioliasis in sheep

- May lead to death

- It causes liver rot

- It leads to loss of blood - anaemia

- Obstruction of bile duct

(d) Diseases that could be transmitted to farm animals by the parasite labelled II (Tick)

- Tick fever

- Redwater disease (Babesiosis)

- East coast fever (Theileriosis)

- Heartwater disease

- Tick Paralysis

- Lyme disease

- Anaplasmosis