Agriculture Paper 3, WASSCE (PC), 2017

Candidates' Weakness

Candidates were unable to:

  • state how to maintain sieve
  • mention materials used for liming apart from ash
  • ways of maintaining the implement
  • identify the labelled parts of a maize crop
  • state the processes involved in processing maize crop
  • - mention the fungal diseases of maize
  • state the effects of the parasite I (Liver fluke) on its host
  • mention the diseases transmitted by the parasites

Based on the observed weaknesses, the Chief Examiners recommended as follow:

  • Candidates should embark on visit to agricultural farms.
  • There should be intensive self-study and revision before exam.
  • Hands-on practical exposure and experience is advocated
  • Candidates should be discouraged on the use of unacceptable social media abbreviations.
  • Improved reading culture among candidates is advocated.
  • Candidates should make use of standard Agricultural Science textbooks when preparing for the WASSCE exam.