Applied Electricity Paper 2 , Nov/Dec. 2012  
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General Comments

Question 6

(a) List two protective devices that are used in an electrical installation.
(b) List four accessories in a conduit wiring system.
(c) State two reasons why a parallel circuit connection is preferred to a
series connection in a wiring circuit.





The expected answers were:
(a) Circuit breaker
(b) Any four listed below
Inspection elbow
Inspection Tee box
Junction box
Solid elbow
Through box
Tee box
(c) Any two reasons stated below
      (i)        To have same voltage applied to all the loads
      (ii)       To enable any load to be disconnected without affecting other
      (Hi)      Each load can draw its required current independent of the other
      (iv)      Fault in one circuit does not affect others.
The question was on Electrical Wiring. Many attempted this question and
their performance was reported good.




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