Block Laying, Brick Laying and Concrete Works 2, May/June 2014  
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General Comments

Question 1

Question 1

            (a)       (i)         List two safety wears that should be provided on site.
                        (ii)        State two safety precautions that should be observed during
                                    excavation work.

            (b)       Sketch each of the following bricklayers’ tools:

  1. club hammer;
  2. block axe.


(c)        State two reasons for the maintenance of tools and equipment on site.

Most candidates were able to:

-           list safety wears that should be provided on sites;
-           sketch the given bricklayers’ tools.

            However, they were unable to:

            -           state safety precautions to be observed during excavation work;
            -           sketch the bricklayer’s tools correctly.



The expected response to question 1 is as given below:

(a)       (i)         Safety wears that should be provided on site

-           Helmet, Goggles, Hand gloves, Safety boots, Safety belt, Overall, Nose muffler, Gas mask, Respirator.

                        (ii)        Safety precautions to be observed during excavation work

                                    -           Heavy load should not be stacked near the excavation area.
                                    -           Warning notice should be posted near the excavation area.
                                    -           The excavation area should be well illuminated.
                                    -           Temporary support should be provided to the sides of the
                                                excavation i.e. Timbering.
                                    -           Barriers or barricades should be erected around the
-           Vibration activities should be avoided around excavation area.
                                    -           Medical and first-aid facilities should be provided on site.
                                    -           Site workers should be trained on safety measures.


(c)        Reasons for maintaining tools and equipment

  1. To prolong the useful life of the tools.
  2. To reduce maintenance cost.
  3. To keep the tools and equipment in good working condition.
  4. To increase the scrap value of the tools and equipment.
  5. To increase the efficiency of the tools and equipment.
  6. To prevent rusting and decay of metallic and wooden parts of tools and equipment.
  7. To maintain and improve workers productivity.






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