Cosmestology Paper 2, WASSCE (SC), 2017

Question 3 / Observation


  1. Explain the following scalp disorders:
  2. Ring worm;
  3. Dandruff.
  4. State two ways to prevent each of the scalps disorder listed in 3 (a).
  5. State four causes of scalp disorder.
  6. State two ways each of caring for the following:
  7. Dry hair;
  8. Oily hair.
  9. List one tool which can be used for each of the following hair processes:
  10. Washing;
  11. Brushing;
  12. Trimming;
  13. Stretching.
  14. In a tabular form, list three consumable and two non-consumable materials.

This question was popular and widely known by the candidates, it  is one of their strengths, therefore, the candidates preformed excellently. Only few of the candidates misinterpreted the consumable as rice, yam, and fish instead of cream, relaxer, dyes, and water while some mix-up both the consumable and non- consumable materials.