Cosmestology Paper 2, WASSCE (SC), 2017

Candidates' Strength

The candidates displayed their strength in questions 1(a),( b), (c) &( e), 2(a),( b),( d) ,(e) &     
(f), 3 (a) ,(c),(d),(e) &(f) and 4(a),( c),(d)&(f) they were able to list, state, define and explain
some terms e.g. aspects of cosmetology, good professional ethics of a cosmetologist,  good
grooming, characteristics of a well groomed cosmetologist, forms of advertisement used by
cosmetologist, causes of hair loss, preventive measures to be taken for hair loss, classes of
work items used in cosmetology, pre-draping procedures of a client, scalp disorder, causes of
scalp disorder, ways of caring for dry and oily hair, hair colouring, reasons why clients colour
hair, factors that influence choice of hair colour, reasons for wearing wig, materials used for
fixing hair weavon, types of lipsticks,  they also tabulated consumable and non- consumable, 
and followed the instructions carefully.