Cosmestology Paper 2, WASSCE (SC), 2018

Question 3 / Observation


  1. Enumerate six skin defects that can result from wrong use of skin care products.
  2. Mention two uses of mirror in a salon.
  3. State six effect of scalp manipulation.
  4. How is dandruff recognized on a client scalp?
  5. State five purposes of hair rinses to a client.
  6. Mention five conditions where hair must not be brushed before proceeding with treatment.

 In 3(a), majority of the candidates answered the question excellently well but few of them were unable to state the effect of the wrong use of skin care products correctly.
The expected answers are:

  •  The skin will lose its elasticity;
  • The skin Will be wrinkled;
  • The chemical used might lead to cancer of the skin;
  • There will be discoloration of the skin;
  • It can cause skin inflammation /itching/redness/swelling/blisters;
  • The skin will burn;
  • It loses its pliability;
  • It will result in rashes;
  • It will leads to eczema/acne/pimples/whiteheads/black heads.                                   

In 3(b), majority of the candidates answered correctly and they were able to give answers as follows:
  Uses of mirror in a salon

  • It is used for beauty appreciation;
  • It reflects the true image of already styled hair/see the outcome of service rendered;
  • It is also used to detect styling error for correction;
  • To see the service being rendered/work in progress.

 In question 3(c), candidates that attempted the question performed woefully and they only gave the negative effect of scalp manipulation which included:

  •  the act that causes
  •  headache,
  •  pains,
  • poor growth of hair etc.  .

The expected answers are:
 Effects of scalp manipulation

  • It stimulates the circulation of blood to the scalp;
  • Soothes the nerves;
  • Relaxes the scalp;
  • Stimulates the muscles and the activities of scalp glands;
  • Renders tight scalp more flexible;
  • Helps to maintain the growth and health of the hair;
  • Renders the scalp soft/ supple;
  • Release/Reduces pain in the head/Scalp;  
  • Reduces tension;
  • Nourishes the scalp.
  •      In question 3(f), candidates were expected to state the conditions where hair must not be brushed before treatment. The candidates performed very well. However few were unable to mention the five condition of hair that brushing is not permitted before treatment.

The expected answers are:

  • When receiving a lightening treatment;
  • During an application of tint/toner/colour;
  • When giving a permanent waving;
  •  Applying a chemical hair relaxer;
  • If the scalp is irritated/inflamed;
  • The client has infectious diseases e.g ringworm/tinea.