Data Processing Paper 2, May/June 2015

Question 3

  1. (i)   Define application package
  2. (ii) State one use each of any four application packages

  3. List two benefits of a presentation package.
  4. Outline three guidelines for creating a good MS PowerPoint presentation.



The expected answers were:
(a)             Application package is a program/software designed to perform tasks (General/Specific)
       A complete computer/ program for solving problems.
A computer program/software pre-packaged for sale/ on the shell software



MS Word, WordPad, Note Pad, WordPerfect, Writer

Used for word processing

MS Excel, Calc, Lotus 1-2-3, Quatro Pro

Used for spreadsheet, calculation and analysis

CorelDraw, Paint, Photoshop, PageMaker, Corel Graphics

Used for graphic works

FrontPage, Publisher, Dreamweaver, Cold fusion

Used for web design

MS Access, Oracle, Postgresql , Fox pro, Base, Dbase(Db) i-iv, Ingress, Sybase, My SQL

Used for database management

MS Outlook, Outlook express, MS Exchange, Sendmail

Used for email management

MS PowerPoint, Impress, Prezi, Harvard Graphics.

Used for presentation of seminar and lecture.

Maths, MATLAB,SPSS, Mintab,

Create and edit mathematical formulae/statistical Analysis

Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Mini, Chrome, UCB, Netscape, Mozaic, Netsurf, Safari

Internet/Web browsers


  • Easy to create colourful and attractive design/presentation
  • Easy to convey messages to the audience
  • Easy to present and maintain eye contact with large audience
  • Enhances the assimilation of information
  • It makes the presentation interesting
  • It supports multimedia
  • To add/ create slides effects
  • Useful for developing speaker interaction
  • It supports Object Linking and Embedding (OLE)
  • It engages multiple learning styles
  • It improves audience focus
  • It summarizes complex topics and ideas into briefs and highlights
  • It supports easy way to organize ideas and information
  • Presentation in the absence of the speaker
  •       (c)  
  • Font size should be such that the text is readable from the back of the room/by all


  • Message/Points should be brief/concise and precise/ straight to the point
  • Maintain consistent use of colour on all slides
  • Avoid too many texts on a slide
  • Contrast text colour and backgrounds
  • Transitions and animations/sound should be used sparingly and consistently to

avoid distractions

  • Add images to compliment messages and not to decorate slides
  • Use font size and type consistently on all slides
  • Always express a take home message for your audience   
  • Create an outline for the presentation

Candidates’ responses showed fair knowledge of the definition of application package. However, a good number of candidates misinterpreted the questions.