Economics Paper 2, May/June 2011  
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General Comments

Question 11
(a)  What is economic development ?
(b)  Outline any five features of a developing economy.


The question was very popular with the candidates but the (a) part was not well tackled.  Candidates needed to state thus to score the maximum marks for this question:

(a)     Economic development is the process whereby there is a long period of sustained growth in the per capita real income of a country, accompanied by fundamental changes in the structure of the economy.

(b)     Features of a developing economy

                   (i)      high level of poverty;
                   (ii)      inadequate infrastructural facilities;
                   (iii)     rapid population growth;

  1. agriculture is the main occupation/low level of industrialization;
  2. high dependency on foreign nations;
  3. the use of crude technology;
  4. low per capita income;
  5. low level of savings and investment;
  6. inadequate medical care;
  7. high level of illiteracy.
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