Economics Paper 2, May/June 2011  
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General Comments

Candidates' Weakness

The common weaknesses noticed in the candidates’ scripts were:

          (i)      Poor Grammatical Expression

The scores of most of the candidates were negatively affected by their inability to express themselves in simple and correct language.Students should be encouraged to pay more attention to the development of grammatical skills.

          (ii)      Inadequate Knowledge of the Basic Requirements of Questions

  Most of the candidates lacked the adequate knowledge of the basic requirements of some questions.  This led to shallow and poor presentation of answers. Teachers should make effort to ensure that they cover all aspects of the syllabus.  Students, on their part, should avoid reading just summaries and key points which usually do not present in-depth knowledge of concepts.

          (iii)     Failure to Expatiate Points

Some candidates only listed points without  explaining them.  For this reason, these candidates could not score the full marks for the questions they attempted.
  Candidates should note that they can only score good marks when points are well explained.

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