Economics Paper 2, May/June 2011  
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General Comments

Question 12

(a)      Outline any three objectives of the African Development Bank.
(b)     State any two achievements of the African Development Bank.


The (b) part of this question was popular with the candidates and those who attempted it were able to write down the appropriate answers.  However, the (a) part was poorly attempted.  Many of the candidates provided incoherent answers and failed to expatiate their points which included: 

(a)      Objectives of African Development Bank.
    (1)     to finance projects aimed at promoting the socio-economic development of African Countries;
    (2)     to aid mobilization of funds from within and outside the continent;
    (3)     to participate in selecting projects for member nations to ensure their orderly development;
    (4)     to undertake activities and provide services aimed at improving  the welfare of the African people;
    (5)     to provide technical assistance to African Nations in areas of project appraisal, finance and execution.

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