Economics Paper 2, May/June 2011  
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General Comments

Question 2

The following are the loans granted by a Commercial bank to different categories of individuals. Use the information to answer the questions that follow:

Bakers $8,000; Farmers $8,000; Miners $7,000; Retailers $5,000;
Tailors $4,000; Teachers $6,000; Drivers $4,000; Fishermen $3,000.

(a)      Arrange the information in the form of a table grouping the individuals into:

  1. Primary sector;
  2. Secondary Sector;
  3. Tertiary Sector.

(b)     Express the loan to each sector as a ratio of the total loan granted.
(c)     Present the total loans granted to the sector in a simple bar chart. (use of graph sheet is essential).


The few candidates who attempted this question were able to provide appropriate answers for the (a) and (b) parts of the question.  However in the (c) part, most of the candidates did not scale their axes appropriately.  Very few of the candidates drew the wrong chart. The overall performance of candidates in this question was average.

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