Further Mathematics Paper 2, May/June. 2012  
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General Comments

Question 16

(a)      A body P of mass 5 kg is suspended by two light inextensible strings AP and BP attached to a ceiling.  If the strings are inclined at angles 40o and 30o respectively to the downward vertical, find the tension in each of the strings.  {Take g = 10ms-2].

(b)     A constant force F acts on a toy car of mass 5 kg and increases its velocity from 5 ms-1 to 9 ms-1 in 2 seconds.  Calculate the:
          (i)      magnitude of the force;
          (ii)      velocity of the toy car 3 seconds after attaining a velocity of 9 ms-1.


The report stated that the performance of majority of the candidates who attempted this question was good.  It further stated that in part (a) the most common approach used by majority of the candidates to obtain the solution to the problem was Lami’s theorem.  Candidates’ performance in part (b) was also reported to be good.

In part (a), candidates were expected to represent the information in a diagram.

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