Garment Making Paper 2, May/June 2014  
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Question 2

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Question 2a on points to consider when making fastening was not attempted by most candidates. Some were giving factors like money available, time etc. So many candidates gave one word answers and this made them to lose marks.

Part b of the question required the candidates to list types of fastenings. Many candidates attempted this part but they wrote wrong spellings and they mentioned things like button and hook which cannot be used alone. The buttons should go with buttonhole to make it functional i.e. button and button hole, hook and eye, button and loop etc. 

The c part of the question required them to write suitable fasteners for some household articles. Many candidates answered the question and got them right. However, some candidates missed the question by responding with seams instead of fasteners i.e. closures for the open part of a garment and other household articles.

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