Geography Paper 1 ,May/June 2010  
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General Comments

Question 1

Study the map extract on a scale of 1 :50,000 and answer the following questions:
(a) Calculate the distance "as the crow flies" from Agbeyangi to Marafa.
(b) Describe the drainage of the mapped area.
(c) Explain the relationship between the relief and the road network in the area.
(d) Identify two land use types on the map.


This was a compulsory question that was attempted by many candidates. Many candidates could not score high marks because they were not able to carry out accurate measurement of the required length and convert it correctly from map distance to ground distance using the scale. Secondly, some candidates could not adequately describe the drainage of the mapped area as they only stopped at saying that it is dendritic. Other expected answers in the description of the drainage pattern were:
- River Ohun has many tributary
- the map area is well drained as it is covered with numerous networks of well defined streams
- the rivers are at their early stages of development as evidenced by the dissected highlands caused by downward cutting
- the central ridge is a major watershed from which many rivers take their sources
- the river in the Eastern part flow eastwards
- the smaller ridge at the North Eastern corner of the map has rivers radiating from it
- the rivers in the North-West flows northwards.
Only few candidates were able to express the relationship between relief and road network as required. The expected answers were:
- the main road takes advantage of the lowlands and runs between the two
major ridges in the map
- the roads take advantage of the valley floors parallel to IGPORIN hill thereby avoiding the highland
- the secondary road, minor roads and main paths are constructed along spurs
- roads avoid steep slopes
- the roads are constructed through passes, gap or saddles.
Some candidates stated the land use types without stating the corresponding evidences. The required evidences included:
- agricultural land use (presence of scattered cultivation)
- educationallanduse (presence of school)
- transportational land use (presence of roads)
- residential landuse (presence of settlement)
- rearing of livestock (presence of scrubland)

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