Geography Paper 1 ,May/June 2010  
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Question 8
Write explanatory notes on drought under the following:
(a) causes;
(b) effects;
(c) control.



This question was quite popular among the candidates. Many of the candidates who attempted the question were only able to write notes on the causes of drought but could not adequately explain its effects and control. The effects of drought include:

- leads to famine
- leads to crop failure
- leads to forced migration
- scarcity of food
- malnutrition
- drying up of water bodies e.g. streams
- movement/migration of animals in search of pasture
- loss of crops and animals
- retards the growth of plants
- leads to desertification
- leads to conflict between farmers & pastoralists

The ways by which drought could be controlled include:

- construction of irrigation dams
- planting of cover crops
- controlled grazing
- afforestation/re-afforestation
- cloud seeding
- artificial rainfall
- planting of trees to protect/conserve ground water
- environmental education
- legislation against cutting of trees and bush burning.


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