Geography Paper 2 , Nov/Dec 2011  
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General Comments

Question 2

(a)            Highlight any five reasons for the slow rate of industrial development in your country.

(b)           Outline any five reasons why the government of your country should encourage industrialization.


This was a fairly popular question among the candidates.  Their performance in the question was poor because they misinterpreted the question and wrote on factors of industrial locations, thus losing precious marks.  The expected reasons for the slow rate of industrial development included:

-               low level of technology;
-               inadequate capital;
-               inadequate power supply;
-               inadequate skilled labour;
-               low purchasing power of the people;
-               poor management;
-               shortage of raw materials;
-               inconsistence in government policies;
-               poor transport network;
-               taste for foreign goods;
-               political instability;
-               high cost of spare parts;
-               labour unrest;
-               problem of land acquisition.

The (b) aspect of the question was well attempted by the candidates.

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