Geography Paper 2 , Nov/Dec 2011  
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General Comments

Question 3

  1. Define international trade.
  2. Outline five factors that encourage international trade.
  3. What four measures can a country take to solve unfavourable balance of trade?

This was a fairly popular question among the candidates.  The performance of most candidates that answered the question was fairly good.

Many of those who answered the question were able to correctly define international trade.  Quite a good number of those who answered the question were able to outline the factors that encourage international trade.  However, many could not give the measures a country can take to solve unfavourable balance of trade.  The expected measures that could be taken included:

-               import restriction;
-               exporting finished and semi-finished goods;
-               manufacturing of import substitution goods;
-               tax relief for new industries;
-               creation of export processing zones;
-               granting loans to indigenous entrepreneurs;
-               bilateral trade agreements;
-               patronage of locally made goods;
-               encouraging specialization in production;
-               improvement of technology;
-               improvement of saving;
-               regulation of exchange rates;
-               political stability;
-               increases in production of goods and services;
-               improved transport network;
-               improvement in port development.

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