Geography Paper 2 , Nov/Dec 2011  
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General Comments

Question 6

(a) Outline any five problems facing the development of the Sokoto Plains of Nigeria.

(b) Suggest five possible ways by which the problems identified in 6(a) above could be solve.

This question was attempted by very few candidates.  Many of those who answered the question scored low marks because they failed to outline the problems facing the Sokoto Plains such as:

-               water shortage;
-               unpredictable weather;
-               communication difficulties because of the vast area of land;
-               long distance from sea ports;
-               desert encroachment;
-               low level of industrialization;
-               fierce winds and dust storms;
-               harsh weather;
-               unemployment;
-               high level of illiteracy;
-               poverty;
-               long period of drought;
-               few natural resources;
-               overgrazing;
-               infertile soils;
-               low per capital income;
-               rural urban migration;
-               occasional floods;
-               pest, e.g. locust, quieller birds;
-               diseases, e.g. trypanosomiasis.

The possible ways by which the problems could be solved included:

-               development of communication network;
-               development of transport network;
-               establishment of industries in rural areas;
-               provision of social amenities;
-               creation of employment;
-               establishment of irrigation schemes;
-               legislation against overgrazing;
-               creation of shelter belts;
-               control of floods;
-               improved farming techniques;
-               resettlement of nomads;
-               enforcement of free education;
-               building of dams
-               use of aerial spraying.

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