Geography Paper 2 , Nov/Dec 2011  
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General Comments



  1. Inadequate preparation for the examination
    It was observed that some candidates did not cover their syllabus, especially Section C which is on Africa.  Also, it was observed that candidates did not practice the drawing of sketch maps, as evidenced by their poor presentation.

  2. Scanty explanation of points
    Many candidates merely listed their points even when explanations were required in order to score full marks.
  3. Poor expression
    Some candidates presented their points in poor language. It is advisable that candidates develop their ability to use good language so that they would master the art  in order to clearly explain their points. 

  4. Violation of the rubrics
    Some candidates did not obey the rubrics.  Some did not answer any question from Section C on Africa but concentrated their efforts on Human Geography and the Regional Geography of their home country.  This made them lose precious marks.


(1)           Candidates are advised to start reading for their final examinations early enough so that they can fully cover the syllabus before the actual examination day.  Their reading should also include practicing the drawing of maps and diagrams.

(2)           Candidates are to substantiate their points in order to score full marks in most Geography question.  Mere listing of points leads to loss of precious marks.

(3)           Candidates can improve their vocabulary by reading textbooks, journal, newspapers and magazines frequently.  They can also listen to good academic debates and participate in it to improve their language skills.

(4)           Candidates should read the rubrics of the examinations carefully and fully understand the demands of the questions before attempting them.

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