Geography Paper 2, May/June 2013  
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General Comments
Question 4

(a) Draw the sketch map of Nigeria. On the map, show and name:

(i) Any two industrial zones;
(ii) One town in each zone;
(iii) One manufacturing industry in one of the zones.

(b) Explain any two factors that favour the location of the industry named in 4a (iii) above.

(c) Highlight any four problems facing manufacturing industries in Nigeria.



This question was not attempted by many candidates. The (a) part of the question which involved the drawing of sketch map was poorly attempted by the majority of candidates. Those who attempted the question did not properly represent the required features. The (b) component of the question was better attempted by the candidates as they were able to explain the factors favouring the location of industries However, some of the candidates could not highlight some problems facing manufacturing. The expected answers included:

- Inadequate raw materials: The raw materials required for industrial processing are in short supply. Some companies have turned to importation as a remedy to the problem.

- Inadequate capital: Capital for industrial production is in short supply. While some have turned to banks for financial assistance, others have gone for foreign aids.

- Poor transport facilities: places/industrial estates where industries are sited do not have good road networks. This has increased the production cost.

- Preference for foreign goods: most people prefer foreign goods since they are may be of higher quality than the ones that are locally made.

- Labour unrest: some communities where industries are sited are always agitating for one thing or the other, which could lead to clashes. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

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