Geography Paper 2, May/June 2013  
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General Comments


The weaknesses highlighted below were observed in the candidates’ responses to the questions.

(1) Incomplete coverage of the Syllabus High percentage of the candidates did not fully cover the syllabus in the course of the preparations for the examinations. This weakness was noticed in their inability to represent some geographical features on the sketch maps.

(2) Poor drawing of map outlines Some of the candidates could not draw the sketch maps of Africa and Nigeria as required by some questions. Neither could such candidates represent features on the map properly. This made such candidates to lose precious marks.

(3) Scanty presentation of points Some candidates merely listed the points without explaining them which made them to lose precious marks.

(4) Inaccurate interpretation of the rubrics and questions Some candidates misunderstood the rubrics. Rather than answering a total of four questions choosing at least one question from Sections A, B and C, some of the candidates answered less than four questions while others answered more than four questions. Some candidates misinterpreted “benefits of hydroelectric power” to mean “benefits of hydro electric dam”.




(1) Complete coverage of the Syllabus Candidates are advised to start reading on time so that they could cover the syllabus ahead of the examination.

(2) Drawing of good maps and sketches Candidates should practise how to draw maps and sketches and how to properly locate geographical features on sketch maps well ahead of the examinations as this will give them mastery in the art of representation of geographical features on maps.

(3) Adequate explanation of points Candidates are required to properly explain their points rather than to merely list them. Explanation of points will enable candidates to obtain full marks thus leading to high performance.

(4) Observance of rubrics Candidates must observe rubrics when answering questions. They were required to answer four questions in all choosing at least one question from each of Sections A, B, and C. Also, where it is required that points be substantiated with appropropriate diagrammatic representation, candidates should go ahead and use such illustrations to obtain full marks.



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