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Question 8

(a) Draw an outline map of Africa. On the map, show and name:

(i) any three rivers important for generating hydroelectricity;

(ii) any two dams on two of the rivers.

(b) Outline any five benefits of hydroelectric power to the people of Africa.

This question was attempted by few candidates and the performance of most of the candidates was just fair. While some candidates could not draw a good outline map of Africa and thus could not properly indicate the features on them, others could not properly highlight the benefits of hydro electric power to the people of Africa as they confused it with the hydro electric projects. The emphasis was on the energy generated from dams not the physical structure of the dams itself.

The benefits of hydro-electric power to the people of Africa include:

- improvement in the standard of living of the people: The electric power generates electric energy which could be used for lightening and provision of other conveniences for man like energy for heating, running household appliances etc. which makes the life of man better;

- energy for domestic uses: The electric energy generated is used to run appliances like iron, electric cooker, water heater etc;

- energy for industrial uses: The energy from hydro-electricity is used to run industrial plants in many parts of Africa;

- Revenue to government: Energy resources from hydro-electricity is sold by individual users through the payments of monthly bills to power companies The power companies pay part of the money back to the government;

- foreign exchange earnings: The government get foreign exchange as the power which is generated is sold to other countries;

- employment to workers: Workers who work in electricity generation and distribution companies earn their living as a benefit from hydro electric power;

- growth of towns: With electrical energy in urban areas, many people have moved from the rural areas to enjoy the benefits of electricity in such urban areas;

- enhancement of ICT: ICT is run on electricity. ICT has made life comfortable for man.

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