Geography Paper 2 WASSCE (PC), 2019



A number of weaknesses were observed in the candidates’ scripts notably:

  1. Poor map work
  2. A number of candidates who could not draw sketch maps of Nigeria lost precious marks. Such candidates could not properly insert the required features since the outlines were poorly drawn.

  3. Listing of points
  4. Some candidates merely listed points for questions that required outlining, stating, explaining or highlighting which led to loss of precious marks.

  5. Poor expressions
  6. Some candidates could not properly express themselves because they were not thoroughly skilled in the art of articulate expression. Such candidates lost precious marks as they could not explain their points well.


  7. Incomplete coverage of the syllabus
  8. From the sketchy answers to some of the questions by some candidates, it could be inferred that such candidates did not fully cover the syllabus before the commencement of the examination.

  9. Poor handwriting
  10. The handwriting of some of the candidates were very poor. This made it difficult for the examiners to read what the candidates have written.



The following points are suggested as remedies to overcome candidates’ weaknesses:

  1.    Practising map drawing:  
  2. Candidates are advised to practise map drawing and the insertion of      geographical features on maps across the various topics in the curriculum to achieve mastery.  Such maps should have keys for ease of reading and interpretation.

  3.    Adequate explanation of points
  4. Points should be properly explained for questions that require outlining, describing, stating, explaining or highlighting in order to obtain full marks.

  5.    Good expression
  6. English Language being the tool of expression in our educational system should be thoroughly mastered to guarantee good performance in assay questions.

  7.     Complete coverage of the syllabus
  8. It is expected that candidates would start reading early enough for their examination in order to fully cover the syllabus before the examination commences. This will facilitate better understanding of the subject.

  9.  Improvement in handwriting
  10. Candidates with poor handwriting should improve it through practice since without legible handwritings, candidates cannot effectively communicate their lines of thoughts.