Geography Paper 2 WASSCE (PC), 2019

Question 4
(a) Draw an outline map of Nigeria.
On the map, locate and name:

(i) One area prone to desertification;
(ii) The mangrove swamp forest;
(iii) One important town in 4(a)(i).

(b) Outline four causes of desertification in Nigeria.

(c) Suggest three ways in which desertification can be prevented in Nigeria.



This question was not popular among the candidates and their performance was a bit above average in the (a) aspect of the question. However, they did not perform so well in the (b) and (c) aspects of the question as they could not expatiate on the points raised. The causes of desertification and ways in which it can be prevented in Nigeria include:
The expected answers include:

(b) Causes of desertification in Nigeria
- overgrazing
- soil erosion
- prolonged drought
- bad agricultural practices
- deforestation/lumbering
- over-exploitation of tree products
- bush burning
- rapid urbanization
- over cultivation
- high speed winds
- excessive mining activities
- climate change/shift in climate belts

(c) Ways in which desertification can be prevented in Nigeria
- wind breaks/shelter belts
- improved agricultural practices
- afforestation/tree planting
- reafforestation/replanting of trees
- controlled grazing
- environmental education
- controlled exploitation of resources
- enforcement of legislation against bush burning
- cover cropping/bush fallowing
- irrigation farming
- encouraging use of alternative sources of fuel.