Geography Paper 2 WASSCE (PC), 2019

Question 6
(a) Draw a sketch map of Nigeria.a.
On the map, locate and name:

(i) North Central Highlands;
(ii) Two rivers flowing from 6(a)(i);
(iii) Abuja.

(b) Outline four characteristics of rivers Nigeria.

(c) Identify three benefits of lowlands in Nigeria.



This question was popularly answered by the candidates and their performance was very good, although some candidates could not identify the benefits of lowlands in Nigeria. The characteristics of rivers and benefits of lowlands are stated thus:
The expected answers include:

(b) Characteristics of rivers in Nigeria
- volume of rivers varies with the seasons
- some rivers stop flowing during dry season
- presence of rapids and cataracts and waterfalls
- presence of debris
- changes colour with seasons
- short courses
- flow swiftly through narrow valleys
- most valleys are not navigable
- presence of water hyacinth on some rivers
- flows in specific direction e.g. North –South
- shallowness
- silting at the mouth of some rivers/sand bars
- some have deltaic mouth.

(c)Benefits of lowlands in Nigeria
- habitation/settlements
- sources of minerals e.g. crude oil, coal, gold etc.
- facilitates construction of communication lines/ e.g. roads rails
- livestock farming
- fertile soils for agricultural purposes
- source of local building materials e.g. sand and mud etc.
- source of water
- rivers in plains provide jobs e.g. fishing
- lumberable trees are got from lowlands and plains.