Geography Paper 3 May/June 2015

Question 1

Study  the map extract provided on a scale of 1:50,000 and answer the questions that follow.      
(a)  In your answer booklet , reduce the mapped area to a third of its original size and       state the scale of the new outline.
(b)  In your new outline, insert and name:
(i)  River Pra and indicate its direction of flow with an arrow;

  1. The class 3 road running from PRASO settlement to AKIM AFOASE  settlement;    
  2. KOTOKUOM settlement.

(a)  Describe three drainage characteristics of River Pra.
(b)  Using evidence from the map, state three functions of AKIM OFOASE settlement.


This was a compulsory question but the performance of the candidates was just fair. While quite a good percentage of the candidates who answered the question were able to draw the map outline, some of them were not able to insert the required features correctly. The use of grid lines will help the candidates to properly insert the required features. The description of the drainage characteristics of River Pra was poorly done by majority of the candidates. The expected answers included:
-  River Pra flows from the north to the South
-  meanders all through its course.
-  major river in the area.
-  has many tributaries eg. Asuakoko, Adukumasua, Maman, Abusuabekum

  •    River Anum is the major tributary.
  •    exhibits dendritic pattern of drainage
  •    River Pra has many confluences.
  •    River Pra is about 10ft - 100ft wide.
  •    flows through an undulating plain.
  •    flows through a narrow valley

The functions of AKIM OFOASE were properly specified by the candidates who attempted the question. However, some of the candidates were unable to link the evidence of the specified function e.g. educational function because of the presence of a school.