Geography Paper 3 May/June 2015

Question 8

  1. (a) List three features of coastal erosion.
    (b) With the aid of diagrams, describe the characteristics and mode of formation of a beach.


This question was the least popular among the candidates and the few candidates that attempted it performed poorly. Features of coastal erosion that should have been listed included:
            -           cave
            -           wave-cut platform
            -           blow hole
            -           geo
            -           stack
            -           headland
            -           bay
            -           stump
            -           arch
            -           cliff

            The characteristics of a beach that should have been described were:

  • It is a coastal landform
  • accumulation of sand, gravel or shingles
  • mostly found where the coast is low lying
  • could be long covering many kilometers
  • has a concave profile
  • slopes gently towards the sea
  • e.g.  Busua Beach, La Beach, Bar Beach, Lekki Beach etc.
  • Any 5 points at 1 mark each  =  5 marks

    The mode of formation of a beach that should have been described  were:

  • formed at coastal areas
  • formed by river deposition
  • formed by swash and backwash
  • active where there are low tides
  • sand and gravel loosened from the land are carried away by waves.
  • may be  deposited on the shore as beach
  • coarse materials are deposited at landward side
  • while small and fine materials are deposited at the seaward end.
  • grows seawards.