Geography Paper 3 May/June 2015

Candidates' Weaknessses

Some of the weaknesses found on the candidates’ scripts are outlined below:
(1)        Poor plotting of graphs
Some of the candidates could not properly represent data on graph. They have not mastered the art of divided bar graph.
(2)        Poor command of English
Some of the candidates could not properly express themselves in clear English Language. This inability led to the loss of precious marks.
(3)        Incomplete coverage of syllabus
Most of the candidates did not answer the question on coastal erosion and divided bar graph which is an indication that they did not cover that aspect of the syllabus.
(4)        Scanty presentation of answers
Some of the candidates merely listed their answers even when explanations were required. This made them lose precious marks.
            (1)        Practice on graphs
The candidates could improve their skills on graph plotting by practising the way to do it. If these practices are carried out early enough before the commencement of the final examinations, they would master the art.

            (2)        Good use of English
Good use of English is an art that could be mastered through constant reading of English textbooks, novels and practices of debates and drama.
(3)        Complete coverage of the syllabus
The syllabus should be covered before the start of the examination. This could be made possible if the candidates start reading on time.
(4)        Provision of explanations to answers
Rather than merely listing points, adequate explanations should be given to points that are used to answer the questions in order to score full marks.