Government 2, May/June 2014  
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General Comments

question 4

Outline five factors that give rise to the adoption of federalism.



This was not a popular question. Some candidates that answered the question did not understand its demands and thus scored below average. Nevertheless, the candidates were expected to write the following points as answers to the question:

                        (i)         Geographical nearness/contiguity.
                        (ii)        Desire for a union.
                        (iii)       Availability of resources.
                        (iv)       The size of the country/population.
                        (v)        Absence of marked inequalities.
                        (vi)       Common historical/colonial experience.
                        (vii)      Fear of domination.
                        (viii)     Preservation of local autonomy.
                        (ix)       Ethnic diversity.
(x)        Need for common defence system.


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