Government 2, May/June 2014  
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question 5

In what five ways can elections be made free and fair in a country?



This was a popular question and many of the candidates who answered
it performed very well. They understood the demands of the question and scored good marks. The candidates wrote some of the following points to score high marks:
            (a)      (i)         Existence of an impartial and independent electoral commission.
(ii)        Periodic and regular elections.
(iii)       Proper delineation of the country into constituencies/districts.
(iv)       Compilation and availability of comprehensive voters’ register.       
                       (v)        Regular and periodic public display of voter’ list.
                       (vi)       Polling offices and officers, ballot boxes and papers and other necessary election personnel and materials should be adequately provided.
                       (vii)      Voting atmosphere devoid of fear of molestation and victimization.
                       (viii)     The requirement for qualification for election must be clearly stipulated and adequately publicized.
(xi)       Counting of ballot papers/votes should be publicly done and the results declared immediately.
                       (x)        All election materials should be tightly secured.
                       (xi)       The electorate should be given adequate political education.
                       (xii)      Equal access to the media by the candidates and political parties.
                       (xiii)     Existence of an independent judiciary.
                       (xiv)     Opportunity to challenge election results.
                       (xv)      Existence of multi-party system.

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