Government 2, May/June 2014  
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General Comments

question 7

Highlight five reasons for the slow rate of nationalism in French speaking West Africa.



This question was also unpopular. The few candidates that attempted it performed badly and scored low marks. Nevertheless, the candidates were expected to explain the following points in order to earn good marks:
            (i)         The centralized federal system of administration in French West Africa created regional consciousness instead of national one.
            (ii)        The rights and privileges enjoyed by the assimilated Africans did not motivate them to struggle for self-rule.
            (iii)       The use of oppressive measures such as indigent and forced labour.
            (iv)       The policy of Assimilation limited Africans’ access to education.
            (v)        Suppression of political freedom in French West Africa.
            (vi)       The political parties formed after the Second World War were off-shoots of the parties in France and therefore could not mobilize the people for self-rule.
            (vii)      Late establishment of newspapers.
            (viii)     The regard of French West African colonies by France as her oversea provinces.
            (ix)       The incorporation of the French West African economy into that of France.


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